Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flim riveiw

Movie word: fun

MVI WRD: dark
MIRD: engrossing
     A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is a 2015 movie shot in black and white about the shady nightlife of bad Bad City. There’s crime, drug thing, prostitution and a vampire stalking the streets in this scary craphole. Whaddya know, Arash, the main character, is played by actor Arash Marandi. He was seductive-in a James Dean, reckless cool sort of way. His dad (the character’s(maybe the actor’s too-who knows)~) is a junkee, hooked on heroin and highly indebted to this pimp/drug dealer kind of guy at the beginning of the movie. He takes Arash’s prized car as a substitute for their absent repayment, causing Arash to lash out in manly frustration, giving a brick wall a piece of his mind. Unfortunately, this incapacitates his hand. The hero now has a clear mark to distinguish his pain and journey, a archetypal scar. Wooh thank you Mrs. North (my 10th grade English teacher). Anyways The Girl (as she’s described by google and imdb) follows Mr. Pimp to his lavish apartment and promptly kills him. The death is ironic b/c the guy thinks he’s gonna get lucky, but she bites off his finger instead. Nice trick I thought. To skip back a bit-in the opening sequence Arash passes by a large open grave where bodies lay piled up on each other indiscriminately recalling scenes of genocide and Nazi war camps. Either this is a characterization of Bad City as being so rife with prolifically murderous people that an open grave is necessary to accomodate the dead bodies, or this is a recent things started by the vampire killings. Probably a combination of both or something. Arash passes by with enough nonchalance to suggest it’s a normal thing. Anyways, the movie is very sparse in dialogue, mostly relying on visual and musical seduction to reel in its audience and tell its story. The result is captivating, an experience worth going through more than once.  

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