Tuesday, September 15, 2015

outing/Il Sorpasso

That movie name is hard to remember. I’ll probably forget it right after I finish this text draft. An American poster of the film, as seen on rottentomatoes, actually says that the english title of the film is “The Good Life” much easier to remember then Italian, although it is not a translation of the original title, which google says means “overtaking”. Anyways, I had penned this film as a possible candidate for social gathering pre-jitters movie. 2 years ago I used I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay to….

starring Korean star Rain behind that mask
I’m struggling to find the words as to describe what exactly these movies were for….facillitation of a social practice? Mediation of seemingly inevitable awkwardness? perspective?

social anxiety~ well at least I don't have this.

Well whatever the reason I found it important enough to write about apparently. Ofc if I repeat anything more than once I immediately label it as a *RITUAL and allocate temporarily extreme care towards the action.
here it's referred to as "the easy life"
I am here less than 5 hours from the outing to articulate my anxiety and feelings (ew) about this unstoppable creeping towards the time. Time to leeeeave. -_- Whatever happened to actual language? ACTUAL english? w/o all caps, faces, repeated letters, and shamelessly lazy parenthesized(word?) words? (NVMMM).
oH I’m also here to tell you that Il Sorpasso did not work**. It was an excellent film (and deserves more than an 83% rating on rottentomatoes), but the ending gave it the element of a cautionary tale, which I did not like. Of course I enjoyed the subtler meanings of the ending, but the CT facet of it bled through each interpretation, corrupting all of them. I don’t want to say “made”, because the ending did not color the whole film in purple venom, it only effected the other rivers streaming from the scene of wreckage. 
Yknow I haven’t even packed yet? havn’t started. At this time, during the school year, I would be heading out the door. Right now I am typing. Procrastinating. Thinking. Feeling. looving. appreciating. all=thinking. 

*read screaming 
**in curing my anxiety, after the movie finished I still felt slight unease. As of now I can’t know whether it will impact my stay, it probably will.

Il Sorpasso

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